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Protection for your four-legged friends.

Protect your pet for a lifetime of moments together. This program, offered through Nationwide, the first and largest provider of pet insurance in the U.S., allows for a 5% association discount for members.

  • Save 5% on plans available exclusively to members
  • Visit any vet, anywhere
  • Receive cash back on costly pet bills

Ready to get started?

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance reimburses you for vet bills when your pet is sick or hurt. You can also get coverage for wellness and preventive care like shots and flea medicine.

Why do I need pet insurance?

With affordable pet health insurance, you can focus on getting your pet the best care possible, instead of focusing on the vet bill.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Nationwide has affordable pet health insurance plans for every budget. Plans cost as little as $10/month.*

How does pet insurance work?

It’s easy. Just take your pet to any vet, pay the invoice and send us your claim. We’ll take it from there and mail you a reimbursement check!**

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*Premiums vary based on the age of the pet, species, size (as an adult), plan type, deductible and state of residence.
**Claims are reimbursed according to your plan’s benefit schedule once you’ve met your deductible.